Study Slides are Presentations used during Classes
Our Study Slides are put together using the following materials, Dake Annotated King James Bible, The Amplified Bible, and The God's Plan for Man. These topics and slides have been arranged and put together to help us see topics and study guides that will help us better understand God's word.

We invite you to come study along with us.

How To Pray

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he gave them a "Model Prayer", an outline, or a guide to follow. We breakdown the Lord's Prayer and what Jesus was actually teaching us to do.

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The Keys That Unlock

Have you ever wondered why God hasnt answered your prayers? or maybe what seems to be blocking the answer? Well in this study we dive into the Keys... what keys will unlock the promises of God answering our prayers.

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God’s Promises & Provisions

You will enjoy this study, God's Promises and Provisions are extremely exciting to study, to find out what God has promised man if he will do his part and what provisions our God has already made for us.

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Promise of Unlimited Power In God 

We study on God's promises, what all has God promised man if he does his part? One of those promises is unlimited power in Him.

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